• गया जी में अपने पितरों के नाम से पोथी रखवाएं।
  • गया जी में अपने पितरों के नाम से तर्पण एवं ब्राह्मण भोज करवाएं।
  • ठहरने एवं खान पान की मुफ्त व्यवस्था

In case you are continuously going through hardships with no solution in sight, come to Acharya Jivendra for quick and free Vedic Astrology Remedies to your problems. Acharya Ji will tell you the root cause of your problem and suggest the way to get out of it. Astrology when combined with spiritual knowledge can foresee your future and make it easier for you to pass through the rough patches of your life.

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