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about maharaj ji

Acharya Sanjay Krishna “Salil” has been enlightening people of all walks of life by his clear diction and fluent discourse on the spiritual teachings written in ancient scriptures, a press release stated.Born in 1968 in Vrindavan in a very illustrious family, Dr Sanjay Krishna took his guru mantra from Chaitanya Sampradaya, learned the lessons of Shrimad Bhagwat from Pandit. Ramanujacharya Maharaj and was awarded PhD degree by the Agra University for his sincere work on Shrimadbhagwat. Now he is fully devoted to the religious Vaishnava culture and spread the teachings of Shrimadbhagwat and Ramayana, the release added. He is also the founder president of Tulsi Ramayana Baghwat Peeth in Vrindavan. His devotion to Indian philosophy and culture is profound. His aim is to spread the Vedic culture and philosophy for achieving the ultimate goal of life, according to the release.


about tanay krishna salil

Tanay Ji has grownup under strict traditions and rules and has learned values of Dharma at very young age from his Mother Shrimati Manjula Ji and grand father Shri Pran Gopal Mishra who was also a Bhagwat Scholar and Maharaj ji. From his childhood, Tanay Krishna was very keen to learn Bhagwat Ji and reciting Shlokas. Now he preaches Bhagwat Katha and Shri Krishna Leela in his melodious voice that helps people free themselves from all their worldly attachments for some time and relax in the pious environment.

Along with fulfilling all his family responsibilities to the best of his abilities, his life’s goal is to serve  Shree Krishna and Bhagwat Ji.  He is well attached with basic rules of Bhakti making him selfless and full of love towards the humanity.

Tanay Ji is an alumni of Scindia School Gwalior where he has completed his high school. He is a graduate from GLA university Mathura and currently pursuing his masters degree.